Where does the tour start and end?

Each tour has a different start and end point. This is to ensure that we cover many neighborhoods and expose visitors to places where they can further their exploration after the tour ends.

How much does the walking tour cost?

Tours are $10 per adult and children under 12 are free. Group rates are available.

Do I have to make reservations or can I just show up?

For regularly scheduled tours you can just show up at the designated start location. If you would like to schedule a private tour or book a large group, please call for a reservation.

Do tours get canceled because of weather?

Regularly scheduled tours will not be canceled due to rain. If weather is extreme enough for the City of Newburgh or Orange County Government to declare a State of Emergency then the tour will be canceled.

Are the walking tours appropriate for children?

Use your judgment about the maturity and stamina of your child. The tour is interesting to a school age child who has some basic knowledge of U.S. history and ability to walk outside for 90 minutes.

Why do we call it William of Orange Tours?

Since 1798 Newburgh has been part of Orange County which was one of the original 12 counties of the Province of New York as a possession of England. It was named in 1683 for the Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of Holland, who later married Queen Mary II and became William III, King of England, in 1689. A little reminder that there's more to the name than the orange tree on the Orange County flag lets on.

Doesn’t Newburgh already have several museums where I can learn this history?

Yes, Newburgh is home to several top-notch museums. America’s first historic site Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site is open April-October for regular tours and boasts a beautifully restored “open storage” style exhibit in their 1910 museum. The Historical Society of Newburgh Bay & the Highlands operates the Crawford House and holds monthly programs including walking tours on an annual basis that benefit their mission. The Karpeles Museum is open for free and features document based learning on a rotating basis. Motorcyclepedia and Gomez Mill House are just a short drive away from the downtown. We hope that our walking tours will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of these local sites.

Is it safe to walk around Newburgh?

It is important to be street savvy as in any urban environment.

Are the walking tours handicapped accessible?

We will be walking on public sidewalks and crossing public streets. Some sidewalks and curbs are uneven.